car tax per mile?

The last few days has seen reports that the government is proposing a trial of a system that will charge road users depending on the roads that they use. Sounds like a good idea – road tax is pointless and costs a fortune to collect and the tax on petrol is somewhat blunt. Why should someone in the country pay the same tax to go into town once a week for there shopping as the Range Rover driving townie taking the kids half a mile to school in rush hour? Taxing per mile with different tariffs per road depending on the times sounds great.

Except the proposal is that GPS is used to track the vehicles…

Nice idea – can’t see that working though. I’ve got a GPS reciever and the signal strength ranges from incredibly low to barely above nil. This is fine for satnav purposes but if I was being monitored it would be trivial to block the signal. A small piece of tin foil. Even a small transmitter (a couple of watts would be more than enough) tuned to the correct frequency would wipe out any GPS signal. It’s not rocket science to build these things. It’s not expensive either.

And what the hell is it with Alistair Darlings eyebrows that make me distrust him?

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Not to mention the Big Brother effect… I can see us being caught for the slightest law breakage, or the insurance companies using the same system for definite to increase our insurance based on somewhat arbitary generalisations….

  2. me says:

    and it will certainly knock extra marital affairs on the head – oh and why is there this £2 chanrge for being on the B2345 dear……

    It is an identity card for cars

  3. dmc says:

    The Norwich Union are already trialling GPS based pay-as-you-go insurance

  4. Lizzie says:

    And what the hell is it with Alistair Darlings eyebrows that make me distrust him?

    They are rather terrifying aren’t they 😉

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