Congrats to Phil and Emma

Well, the first real test of my SatNav in the car proved to be a sucess. It sucessfully guided us from home to the Church in Clutton for the wedding and then onwards to the reception and then the hotel. Even driving through the middle of Bristol wasn’t to bad. I think I’ve got approval from the boss as well – she was actually impressed 🙂

Wedding was fab. Phil, Emma, congrats – a great do. The cheese and fruit looked lovely but I’m afraid the inspired decision to have hot bacon sarnies on offer screwed any chance that I was going for the posh stuff. Great wedding, great venue, great grub, great entertainment and even better company. Don’t suppose you fancy doing it again?

And I still vote fireworks over the canapes 😉

I’ve stuck a few photos up for anyone interested (phil, trev, alice – email me if you want the full size ones). Also, a slightly less-than-conventional first dance (warning: 8MB) (supposedly an AVI but I’m not too sure it is all that standard format – no video on my mac for example!). So well rehearsed that the fact that Phil had had a couple of glasses of fizzy too many is not too obvious 🙂

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