So blue…

Spent much of the day helping Ross and Loz move into a spare house on his dads estate only to find the his dad has decided he doesn’t like his new house so is moving *again* (but thats another story…). Still, at least he has actually moved into this one unlike the mansion he bought in Norfolk. Driving through Kent you can certainly see the political views of the locals changing. Around Folkestone just about the only colour poster you see at the moment is libdem orange. They are certainly going to town in Folkestone itself. Move out to Hythe and as the size of house increases so does the number of Tory posters.

Anyway, Ross’ new place is in Benenden where the whole village appears to be plastered in Tory Posters trying to convince people to vote for dearest Ann Widecombe – someone who I personally can’t stand whenever I hear her speaking (admittedly, I’ve only heard her on radio/tv – never in person). Still, Ross’ folks are so popular with her that they were invited out to “meet her” in one of those ohsostaged “MP meets the people” sessions. They couldn’t make it apparantly but given the 6 ft high “Vote Conservative” poster his dad has now put up I assume he will be voting tory like the rest of the village.

Oh how I hope that the libdems do manage to knock

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