ah. I knew there was something

Bedroom has made some progress this week. Plastered, coving up, ceiling painted, electrics finished so last night we celebrated a little by opening a bottle of wine and having a drink and some chocolate.

Unfortunatly, this morning we remember that last night was Jakes parents evening. Ooooops.

DIY skills improving – parenting skills down the pan 🙂

Oh well.

Back at work we are finally booked onto the first of several courses at sun (hey, we’ve only been running this thing for a year – lets go and find out how the hell it works). Location? New York? San Fransico? Nope. London Bridge. bugger.

Even worse is that the course runs from July 11th for five days. The three days before this I am at the British GP for a stag weekend so I’m not likely to be all that with it on the monday and then on the Friday I have to dash home to go to the wedding (at which I am the best man (well, one of – it’s a long story)) on the Saturday.

On Sunday I think I will sleep.

Still, at least the hotel allowance has been increased to something more realistic at last. No longer will we have to sleep in some damp cockroach infected pit of a B&B.

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