progress of sorts

Well, finished all the undercoat plastering today and got a skim coat on most of the walls. Begining to look a little more like a room now! Things were going well till SWMBO decided that coving would look good in the room. Back to Wickes…

Wickes sell 3 types of coving. Paper coated plaster, fancy and lightweight. The fancy is a) bloody expensive and b) naff and the paper coated is nice but bloody heavy. Given that they all come in 3m lengths and my car is only 2.4m long I figured that sticking the plaster stuff out of the window while I drive home is likely to result in a broken window so the lightweight stuff was picked. For some reason, Wickes sell clever little mitre guides for cutting the correct angles on coving but they only sell them for 129mm or 90mm coving – the lightweight stuff is 100mm. Bugger. Still, I’ve got a mitre saw so I head home with coving waving out of the window as the heavens open 🙁

What should have been a quick, simple job of sticking up some coving has so far taken half the afternoon and I’ve still only got two bits up :-((( I do indeed have a mitre saw but it only has certain preset angles. It does 22.5deg. It does 30deg. The corners in our room are 50 degrees – does my saw lock at 25 deg? does it bollocks. Grrrrrrrrr.

So, do I attempt to cut it free hand and make good with filler (I’ve not been all that successful with this method this afternoon), do I attempt to make somesort of mitre box or do I buy a new mitre saw? Hrmmmm.

Why are these things never easy? And why did we buy a house with walls that plaster that drops off if you fart too close them? I will finish this room by Xmas ‘onest.

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