Bedroom progressing…

Well, a few days off so time to attack the bedroom again. Spent monday at my sisters laying a new floor in their front room. Baby due in less than 2 weeks so rebuilding their living room is getting kinda urgent 🙂

Spent today finishing the lectrics in our bedroom (using my time machine to zip back to last year of course). All sorted by lunchtime so I head to Wickes to pick up some plaster to finally start putting the walls back together. Just before I leave I nip to the loo…when I return 30 mins later I find water pissing from the overflow all over the path (why does our loo overflow straight out onto the path making it impossible to get in the front door without getting soaked??). It seems that it has been filling the cistern for 45 mins and not surprisingly, it is somewhat overfull.

Turn off the water and head back to Wickes (I’ve now been in there 5 times in 2 days….I’m sure the bloke on the till is wondering what the hell I am doing) and buy a new valve. Now normal ball valves are about 4 quid and would have been a simple replacement. I however are blinded by shiny valves and pick the exotic 10 quid Torbeck valve which apparantly is the mutts nuts of valves (and it had a funky blue float which swung it tbh :-)).

Get home and turn the place upside down looking for my waterpump pliers to undo the old knackered valve. 30 mins of swearing later I remember that I took them over my sisters the day before and left them there. Arse. Back to Wickes to buy a new pair (yes, from the same assistant again). Old valve out, new in and turn the water on. Bugger me that fills fast. Very fast. So fast in fact that water comes in faster than it can get out of the overflow. Bugger.

Retreat downstairs with cup of tea and instructions. Discover that I should have a restrictor in the valve and find it laying in the pile of rubbish that I had already discarded. Dismantle the whole thing again, fit the high pressure restrictor and put it all back together again. Great. Now it dribbles in and takes hours to refill the cistern. hunt in the debris once again and find a restrictor marked “Low pressure”. Dismantle and rebuild again and hurrah! It works. Still a bit slow but it’ll do. Stand back and admire new valve. Notice growing puddle on floor…


Still, after spending 3 hours on somehing that should have taken me 15 mins I now appear to have a toilet that now works…and doesn’t leak. Still no plaster in bedroom though. Still, there is always tomorrow…

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