Sausages and DIY stores

Over easter, SWMBO has decided that the downstairs loo that we never use would actually be useful if it worked so we spent easter Monday traipsing around diy stores. We’ve never bothered using it for anything other than storing rubbish and near empty tins of paint that never actually get used partly due to the fact that it is so damn small and partly due to the hideous blue toilet that is in there. It also has no hand basin in there which is not ideal ­čÖé

Anyway, finally we find that Wickes do a small basin that we may just be able to squeeze in so we investigate how much. A normal basin is about 35 quid. This one is 349 quid as it is only available with a toilet and a bath. The toilet we can use as we want to trash the aformentioned manky blue one but a bath? If I had room for a bloody bath I wouldn’t be hunting for a sink the size of a thimble would I???


I’ll ask again when they have someone working there who appears to be in possession of a more complete set of brain cells. Serves be right for asking questions on a bank holiday I guess.

Anyway while looking around Wickes Jake discovered a sausage in one of the bidets on display. Pretty odd and it amused him for a while. Dismissed as nothing out of the ordinary for Folkestone. Next stop was the B&Q at Ashford. We wait for a parking space (why oh why did I go to a diy store on Easter bank holiday??) and we finally get shown to a free space by a bloke in a glowing orange sweatshirt only to find a sausage sat there as we got out of the car. One sausage I could accept. But two in as many shops was just a little too wierd for me.

We decided to not bother looking in Homebase for fear of sausages. There is probably a clever name for sausage phobia but for once google is not helping me (admittedly I’ve not tried too hard ;-)) but if Jake comes starts going off of sausages I’ll be blaming the diy chains. In the meantime, does anyone want to buy a spare bath?

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