well, another week off…

…and sprog1 has a temperature. He seems to know that I am off work attempting to do the bedroom and comes down with an illness 🙁 Hopefull nursury will take him tomorrow – he seems fine. Anyway, some work on bedroom today. Manged to strip some of the wall paper. Annoyingly discovered that the twat who owned the house before we did built the big fitted wardrobes *over* the fitted carpet. Now we wants to replace the carpet 🙁 Sigh.

Had a trek around mobile phone shops. Always a laugh. O2 shop asked me why I was thinking of moving from O2. I said that they keep screwing up the bills and that their website is often borken meaning no support (at least, not without ringing their 50p a min number). He then attempted to login to the website to find out that the website was down 🙂 No problem he says, I’ll ring them. 10 mins later he gives up. Still, kinda proved my point.

The link were interesting but totally clueless. “Ah yes, the Siemens. That takes memory cards and everything”. “Really? What sort?” I ask. “Errrrmmm….Infostat ones I think”… I finally persuaded her and her sidekick that they were talking bollocks and got them to open a box. Bog standard MMC as I suspected.

The bloke in the orange shop was much more helpful and clued up and as such, I suspect will be getting my buisiness.

Still, O2 were very efficient this afternoon. Within 20 mins of emailing them my “please shove your contract” email I have my PAC code 🙂

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