State of bedroom: unchanged

Well, not really got very far in my plans to restore the bedroom from building site to bedroom. Spent monday helping dad refit a garage door for someone in the rain. Tuesday morning spent whizzing around Maidstone picking up bits and pieces for the work before getting a phone call from nursury saying that sprog1 has been sick and could I go get him 🙁

Picked him up and spent the afternoon having him be sick on me. Still, he seems to be on the mend now so I guess it was some 24hr bug.

Tomorrow I will attempt to remove the carpet and pull up the floorboards….probably 😉

Still, on the plus side I did manage to complete 8868 this afternoon with sprog1 helping sort the parts. VVVVVVVVV cool. In fact, probably one of the best technic sets around (certainly up with 8480 IMHO).

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